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For years we travelled to Egypt. A wonderful huge country divided into main areas.

Cairo, famous for its museum & the Pyramids at Gisa. Luxor, once the centre and heart of the old world, originally called Thebes, divided by the Nile, it's West Bank holds the tombs of the Pharaohs, it's east bank has the temples of Luxor & Karnack. Go through the desert for four hours & you reach the Red sea at Hurgarhda,  and on the other side, Sharm El Sheikh.

Later on, I travelled all over the UK in a series of short breaks, using the economy of a Smart car and then a Sirion & now in 2010 a perfect little Yaris. I stay in Travel Lodges at economy prices. Stopping the never ending airport waits & the five and a half hour flights, was no sacrifice. I don't claim the Travel Lodges are the Winter Palace at Luxor but I have stayed there from 9 a night and that's definitely cheaper!