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Frank's travels around Britain 2006.

Its not that I'm Egypted out, its just that I want more, shorter breaks, than waiting 50 weeks to have just two weeks away. Plus the fact that I haven't got the stamina for the three hours hanging round airports, followed by five & a half hours wedged in a tin can.

Will it work out to be a good idea? Who can tell, only Father Time.

The theory is based on a very economical Smart car carrying me to Travel Lodges, where you can get special deals for 10 per night.

The first problem was a quick increase to 15 a night! The next hitch is you can only go where they are available. (plenty central & South England). This is not a problem as there is a lot to see and do in the U.K.

Next the cost of visiting any attraction, 11 for Duxford aircraft museum, (that was a senior citizen rate) and feeding yourself economically. It can make you use some brain power to over come these small problems!