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Frank's travels around Britain 2009.

The year started with a dreadful chest cold that put paid to my initial plans & my second idea was killed by very heavy snow falls, especially down south.

The good news is the performance of the Sirion. Its returning over 54 mpg consistently & is super reliable. Admittedly, I am "Nun Driving" & can be overtaken by a (fast) horse & cart. But with the recession, the price of eating outside the home & on a fixed income, it's a wise plan!

Petrol is around 90p a litre, the Travel Lodge is averaging out at about 19 a night, so I still feel I get lots of bangs for my buck. Over the last few years I seem to get about 8 or nine trips a year. No more waiting 52 weeks to hang around in airports and get jammed in a seat for 5 hours either way. I still miss those wonderful people in Egypt & my tan is garbage now but I'll stick with this idea for sometime yet, I think.

Later on in 09 I'm driving a Toyota Yaris. Still getting the excellent mpg but aircon & central locking has improved life ... a lot!