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Frank's travels around Britain 2008.

Up to now I have been incredibly luckily in getting good weather on the first two years. To compensate for this, I am loosing my mind. The first trip out, I managed to forget my camera! On the trip to Arundel, I managed to forget the cable so I couldn't download anything until I arrived home. So now its down to a list on the back of the wardrobe door. How sad is that? The other brain teaser is what do I call each trip? Is it where I rest my head at night? Can I give it the name of the area, as chasing where the sunshine is meant to be, takes me through county after county? I usually settle on a name that reminds me, and lets be honest here, I'm probably the only one that reads this stuff!

The costs are creeping up. Travel Lodge had a very brief temptation of 9 a room offer in the early part of the year. Of course, they went so quickly. The cheapest is 19 or 26. Its difficult to get three nights at 19 now. The south of England is the most usual place to get rooms still.

Entry fees to any English attraction is so high, and finding cheap, good food is still very hard. 'Butty vans' in lay-bys are usually a good bet for breakfast, for all other meals a supermarket cafe is less expensive than cafe's, but eating well is down to luck.

The wonderful Sirion continues to be utterly reliable & returns over 50 mpg if I do my nun style of driving. This is needed as petrol in February was around 1.069 per litre & by June is about 1.15 with no signs of falling. Now its July & I'm paying 1.20 regularly. The lack of air conditioning in this humid country plus not having central locking, can be a pain in today's modern world. I am fortunate that this ordinary humble car doesn't not attract the local thieves, the number of times I've gone to the car for a coat or my camera, then left the door unlocked!