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Roshdy Hanna & Luxor. Is this the real Eldorado City?

Some of us have been going to Luxor for over 12 years. In that time you meet people who are real friends. One of those special friends is a fantastic gold specialist Roshdy Hanna, an Egyptologist & a leader in the  Coptic Christian Church.  Egyptology Roshdy has been the Chief Inspector from 1986 until now at the Karnack & Luxor Temples & has been instrumental in leading his team to many new finds.

The whole of his family tree is deeply rooted in the original area of  the ancient city of Thebes. He says he eats the very dust of Egypt!

His religious belief goes hand in hand with his everyday life. The Coptic Christian sect still chants in the original language known in the time of the Pharaohs.