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Amoun Ra. The shop in Eldorado City?

This was our first visit to "Amoun Ra", Roshdy's latest shop in the Sharia Yousef Hassan. It is so new & modern, we were very impressed. Located opposite the Emilio hotel, it is in such a typical Egyptian street. In the past we had always been to the Ragi branch, on the road out to the airport. To find this branch you watch out as you come in on the bus from the airport, look out to the right, by the petrol station and you'll see the Ragi outlet. To find the location of both shops, check out the map.

Gold is the thing to buy in Egypt. It is so inexpensive & there is none of the 9 ct rubbish of Great Britain. Roshdy is so proud of his work, he can provide all your heart desires!

To see examples of Roshdy's work, look here.

Many people have visited Roshdy's shop, here are a couple of comments written by other people:

Note from Jennie of Edinburgh

Amoun Ra is a new shop in Sharia Yousef Hassan, opposite the Emilio Hotel. Ask for Roshdy, who will show you a unique collection of gold & silver jewellery, most of which are based on ancient designs. You will find lapis lazuli, coral, glass perfume bottles & traditional mother-of-pearl boxes. This bazaar is an oasis of calm in the centre of Luxor.
Roshdy A. Hanna is a qualified Egyptologist & has been for many years, Chief Inspector of Karnack & Luxor temples. If you take time to talk to him over a cup of tea, he will share with you his vast knowledge of ancient Egypt & you will also learn about the Egypt of today - the real Egypt. Best of all - there is no hassle here - you will pay a fair price for top quality goods.


Translation from a German magazine article

Amoun Ra of Luxor

Amoun Ra of Luxor is one of the oldest established jewellery firms in Luxor with many outlets for it's products. These include the river Nile cruise boats and not least his new large establishment in the town itself, which is capable of handling many conducted tours simultaneously.
Amoun Ra specializes in unique handcrafted items of gold, silver & jewels, a large array of which is ready to hand, while specialist individual requests can also be accommodated. Additionally, they can offer an extensive range of inlaid artefacts, carpets, clothing, video tapes & literature all relating to the Egyptian culture through the ages.
Mr. Roshdy A. Hanna, head of the firm, is a goldsmith & jeweller of international repute and a published Egyptologist, who utilizes his deep knowledge of ancient Egypt art & design to enhance the superbly crafted items available in his establishments.
In operating his business, he is assisted by well-qualified graduate staffs that cover the complete spectrum of activities one would expect to find in such an enterprise. Financial structures are such that facilities exist for orders to be delivered outside Egypt with the utmost convenience.
It must be an advantage for firms engaged in the Egyptian tourist trade to know that their customers can deal with an established firm with a sound financial & business reputation like Amoun Ra of Luxor, who knows from experience, that a good & honest reputation influences intending customers far more than any other factor.