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Samples of Roshdy's work.

One of Roshdy's boxes of 18 carat gold,

covered by the bracelet from the Hapshepsut period,

the original being in the Cairo museum.
It is a double duck with lapis lazuli Centre.
The ring is a scarab




A magnificent 22 carat gold filigree paper knife of Coptic design.
The original is in the Coptic museum in Cairo.

It is fully handmade & took 15 days to complete.






Seven pieces of Egyptian gold.
Left to right, Hathor head from the columns in Hapshepsut temple. Cartouche of Isis. Leopard head from the Tutankhamen collection. An ankh. Hathor with the Cobra joined to the head & belt of Isis as a musical instrument. The bracelet is a Roshdy's design with winged scarab, double lotus on both sides, double ankh with cobras, double lotus & one single ankh as the clasp. All this inspiration comes from the 19th. dynasty of Ramses the second.


Two bracelets, both cartouche shaped & designed by Roshdy's, they are unique.

The idea came from the 18th. dynasty, the time of King Tutankhamen.
The top bracelet shows the name of the king & the lower one the shape of the Gods.