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Frank's travels around Britain 2007.

Its the second year of trying this daft holiday idea. Its working as I expected. Notwithstanding the extra expenses, such as being lazy about the eating or going into  places because it's wet, that can cause problems. I can't let the expense of dear food throw the budget off course. Generally, I can find nice food anywhere I go, but good inexpensive food needs thought & luck many times. A road side cafe can bring you an outstanding bacon butty & a mug of tea, unfortunately it can be rubbish too! Tescos, Sainsbury & Asda cafes are usually good average food at reasonable cost but you sure can sure put the weight on. (Luckily, I do a lot of walking too). Eating at Little Chefs will soon drain your money! Travel lodges are invariably clean, comfortable & efficient. Some of them are looking weary now but I have no doubt that there is a constant renewal plan that they follow. Half way through the year, the car was changed to a Daihatsu Sirion to get the reliability but try & keep the petrol consumption low. It's working up to now, at an average of 50mpg.

The places to visit will always tend to be too expensive in England. If it's wet & you need to go inside, that all adds to the budget. It also adds to the annoyance that you can never take photographs indoors in places like the National Trust.

I also think that its better to research the area first before you go all the way there & find out, when you return, you missed something. The catch is most times I have no idea where I am going to end up!

I think the chances of being as lucky with the weather, as I have, has to come to an end at sometime. The Gods have really been kind. Nearly getting snowed in on the first trip was a scare. The secret is, don't believe the hype that TV weather people give you. They are just trying to make the other programs seem less exciting.