Hutton le HoleNorth Wales | Lake District


Frank's travels around Britain 2010.

The year started badly. A death in the family, financial crisis for most people, including me & mine, dreadful early snows followed by heavy rain!

On the travel front, decisions had to be made. There was no way I wanted to stop my breaks, but with long distances came higher fuel prices, which meant more servicing of the car & probably additional costs. Now was the time to think about exploring nearer to home.

On long runs the Yaris was giving 50 mpg. It was utterly reliable & as good as I was going to get. On my doorstep are the Yorkshire Dales & Moors, The Lake district & to the east, Northumberland.

The accommodation became harder to get. Very inexpensive Travel lodges are available but difficult to find up here. The odd inexpensive days are linked to very expensive ones. Now was the time for other ideas. First, cut out going every month & then consider what other alternatives are there? The first trip was to try a self catering annexe. Very good to keep food costs lower but they're not cheap & not available in season. The other plan may be to just take some day trips out & save the cost of an overnight stay.

Up to now, three trips are planned. Check out the first one!

2010 has got worse. Due to extended illness, I had to cancel two trips, one to the Lake district & the other to the City of Durham. Frank's 2010 travels are going to be a very short read!

Finally, I became well enough to take up another trip at the end of September, to North Wales. Luckily my luck held out again and the Gods shone their sunshine on me for most of the time.