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A fast cruising car. G959 YBA

The Toyota MR2 Mk2 was the smooth lined next model in the range. Even with a 2 litre engine instead of the 1.6 of the Mk1, it didn't have the "brightness" of a Mk1. It was not as quirky, much heavier & much more main stream. More of a GT than a pure sports car. The coupe had 119bhp. Bought from a garage in Derbyshire, this 1990 Red G register was a T-bar model. This was a brilliant glass roof, split into two halves. Each one was removable into a bag behind the seat. Because there was a solid roof behind you, there was no buffeting as there usually is, in true convertibles. The Mk1s T-bars had a reputation for leaking & required  constant attention, the Mk2 was less so, but nevertheless, this one leaked on the passenger side in heavy weather. The car was much less prone to rust and had the usual Japanese reliability. All Japanese cars need is regular servicing and of course, the automatic box never allowed the engine to be strained.

It was in very good condition. An automatic import, with air conditioning. It was a very comfortable, quick car. It was a shear pleasure to drive. Easy on the eye with all its goodies, it was a joy to own. It didn't have any real faults & was your usual Japanese "drive & forget" bit of class.

It was sold on in part-ex to get a "real car" that would suit a retired couple better!