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Six Go Mad in Egypt!


Who are we?

It would take a team of horses & five big lads to tear Barbara away from Egypt!
The collecting of gold from a certain Mr. Roshdy of Karnack is her hobby.
She books the next visit to Luxor the day after her return!




Our old sea dog! Spent years going all over rigging ships!
He has retired from being the centre pin of education as the keeper & defender of a Salford primary school.
Has been known to teach swimming & flash his bum in public!




The world’s tallest dwarf. Salesman extordinaire & not a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
A combination of twelve years in Betty Windsor's Flying Circus & toy selling for years has made him a sad case!
Now he has retired, he's insufferable!



The lady of our bunch.
She is trying very hard to break the image by smoking, drinking, passing wind in the temples & swearing, none of them very well, but she tries!
Our expert at gardening & successful pupil of Ed, the swimming teacher



A vegetarian who is not that keen on some vegetables & with all her earrings, Moe looks like a demented gypsy!
Dedicated to looking the colour of teak, she takes Luxor very seriously. Speaks Arabic like native of Crewe




Ex leg plasterer, ex carpet fitter, ex hobby shop owner & songbird of the Winter Palace! He spent a year as entertainment manager in 1999. Loves his motorcycle racing & quite missed his Ducatti, as it languished in GB!