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Six Go Mad in Egypt!


Where do we stay?

There is really only one place to stay, in Luxor, The Winter Palace! The history, the gardens, the pool & excellent staff make this the premier hotel of Luxor. This is the front entrance of the original Old Winter Palace. It has class, style & an old world charm. This costs extra, but hey! When you can have all it's benefits by staying in the connected New Winter Palace for less money ... us northerners just love it! It was on location in the film "Death on the Nile", featured in television documentaries & was used, of course, by Lord Caernarvon whilst on his quest for the tomb of Tutankhamen. It was the guests of this hotel, from a posting on their bulletin board, who were first informed of Howard Carter's great discovery of Tut's treasures. The great Egyptologists was staying at the hotel upon his world awakening discovery, and even though he had a residence built on the West Bank, he continued frequenting the hotel up almost until his death. He was often seen sitting in self imposed isolation in the hotel's gardens.

Built in 1886 to attract the nobility of Europe, the Winter Palace is more continental English in atmosphere than the Old Cataract in Aswan. One does not get the feeling of Egypt so much as of an oasis of European flavour and Victorian charm.

In fact, the ultimate privilege is said to have had one's own yacht moored along the quayside, opposite the Winter Palace. Such notables as King Farouk stayed here and even had his own apartment. French President George Clemenceau, as well as many crown prices and princesses from European and Oriental Royal families made it their preferred place of residence, one year, Hilary Clinton was here at the same time we were, luckily, she didn't pester us for autographs!

It is said that the Winter Palace had once been somewhat run down, but none of that is visible today, or even easy to believe. All is in perfect order, with modern fixtures necessary for comfort coexisting alongside antiques, fine wood and sand cast glass.