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Six Go Mad in Egypt!


A cheap Face-lift.

Has Moe got a great new idea?  Will it sell better than Ed's glasses?  Does she look a bit like Posh Spice?  Have we all lost our marbles ... 
Answers on a post code to Terry Wogan, somewhere in London.




Ed's patented glasses.
The Egyptian sun is no problem for Ed!
His (un)patented sun glasses didn't win the awards he was expecting, disappointed he vows to go on researching cutting edge ideas to earn him millions. (All to be spent in Luxor on Barbara!).

Roger comes home.

To be fair, it wasn't just singing all year in Luxor! He'd been entertaining all over New Years Eve 2000.We were all terrible sympathetic and wouldn't dream of taking the rip! Nevertheless ... he was a wimp and couldn't cut the mustard & we woke him up immediately after taking the photograph ... and that's what friends are for!


Barbara sees the web page.
Barbara is only laughing because she knows her strength is coming back. 
Apparently, she has been mortally wounded by being exposed to the entire world and feels that since hanging has been abolished ... what the hell ... get rid of the old fool!

The World needs more discipline

Frank didn't read the notice, luckily, Kath had!

  The three stooges.

After visiting the galabaya salesmen, the three lads decided that Kate Moss needed a roll model to show off the right way to strut the cat walk. The balancing of Rogers bum against the cushion Ed is trying to steal is so artistic!






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