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Six Go Mad in Egypt!


Some of the frequently asked questions about holidaying in Luxor


Is it safe? We all feel safer in Luxor than anywhere else. There have been incidents in Egypt, but taking into account Warrington, the Manchester bombings etc. Here in Luxor they take your security very seriously, there are many armed police. You can walk the streets at night with complete safety. Extremists are everywhere in the world ... don't let them ruin your holiday!


Will I be pestered? The honest answer is yes, but very nicely. They all want your business, they love to barter and do it with a smile on their face. If you enter into the spirit of the place, no one will give you grief. No one will lay a hand on you and if you don't want anything, just smile & say no thank you!


Do you get the squits? None of our party has ever suffered from a really bad stomach in over eleven years of continuously visiting Egypt. We have even drunk water from the wells in local villages on the west bank! You are more likely to give yourself stomach cramps by drinking ice cold water too quickly in such a hot climate. Frank, our pet idiot, did it on his third trip to Egypt, unfortunately, he didn't suffer for too long!


Is it really hot? Yes. During August, Luxor is very hot but dry. The lack of any real humidity makes life extremely pleasant. There is plenty of shade in the superb gardens and the pool is just perfect. Everywhere is air-conditioned & if you take normal precautions, it is very near to heaven!


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